What Are Fence Boom Barrier

So, After reading the previous Articles you might have gained enough knowledge about what Boom Barriers are and What are they used for.
Boom Barriers are important in today’s society. If you want to control human traffic without human intervention, then the Fence Boom Barrier might be perfect for you.

What are Fence Boom Barriers?

Boom Barriers are placed in areas of high human footfall. Fence Boom barriers are placed in areas like shopping malls, parking lots, checkpoints, and entrances to restricted areas. A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, works through a combination of mechanical and electronic systems to control the entry and exit of vehicles.

Fence Boom Barriers are used to manage traffic, allow or deny access to vehicles, enhance security, etc. Fence Boom Barriers are quite popular nowadays.

There are 3 types of Boom Barriers-

1. Straight Arm Barriers
2. Folding Boom Barriers
3. Fence Barrier Gate

Advantages of Fence Boom Barriers

Fence Boom Barriers are used in various places like shopping complexes and parking lots. these are often used to control access to public places.

Parking Lots and Garages:

Boom barriers are most commonly placed in parking lots to control the entry of authorized vehicles and deny access to unauthorized vehicles. payment collection is done at these places.

Toll Booths
You might have seen the Toll Booths installed at various Highways and Expressways. These Toll Booths are used for revenue collection and to prevent vehicles from evading toll payments.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial complexes, factories, and warehouses use boom barriers to control the entry of vehicles into their premises. This enhances security by ensuring that only authorized personnel and vehicles enter the facility, preventing unauthorized access.

Airports use boom barriers to regulate vehicle access to sensitive areas such as runways, terminals, and cargo handling zones. This helps in enhancing security and preventing unauthorized access to critical infrastructure.

Public and Government Buildings
Most of the Buildings that come under the government use this type of barrier. Here boom barriers are used to add a level of security. By restricting access, these barriers enhance security and help in managing visitor traffic efficiently.

Event Venues
During events, concerts, sports matches, and other gatherings, boom barriers are often used to control vehicle access, ensuring that only authorized vehicles, emergency services, and event staff can enter designated areas.

Commercial Establishments
Shopping malls, hotels, and commercial buildings use fence boom barriers to manage parking spaces and regulate vehicle entry. This ensures a smooth flow of traffic and organized parking for customers and visitors.

Traffic Management
Often in the city, Boom Barriers are placed with traffic lights to manage traffic flow. Traffic management becomes quite easy. and this traffic management can be done without human intervention.

Why should you use Fence Boom Barriers?

If you are thinking of installing a boom barrier, Fence Boom Barriers might be the correct choice for you. They are used to manage traffic, enhance security, and prevent unauthorized access.

In summary, fence boom barriers play a vital role in enhancing security, managing traffic, and ensuring controlled access in various public, commercial, and industrial environments.

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