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Different Products in the Automation Industry

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Different products in the Automation Industry had different definitions for generations. Automation started with the creation of machines to do work for people. As time has progressed, the ability of machines to do work has increased in both extent and complexity. In the present, Automation has progressed to the point where it can utilize artificial intelligence, rays, and sensors to create technological marvels. New-age Automation solutions are way ahead in their usage, whether it be in-house Automation or large-scale Automation Industry.

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Speaking at a macro level, automation can be divided into three broad categories.
  1. Robotic Process Automation: This segment helps in the Automation Industry of high-volume routine tasks. These tasks are administrative & can be termed white-collar jobs. Like Delivery tracking devices.
  1. Cognitive Automation: When we need a little more help in complex tasks, this technology comes in handy. Things like pattern recognition or multiple language understanding are possible by this. Chatbots on the internet are a perfect example of this.
  1. Social Robotics: A culmination of various tools like sensors, artificial intelligence & mechanical robots come together & create such automated mechanisms. Automated Cars use such a combination to deliver their purpose.
Let us see some of the automation products that we see & use in our daily lives & make great use of the technology.

Automation Industry

  • Automated Doors, Gates & Curtains

    These doors are just not doors, they are doors for the future. Businesses & households can have a feel of luxury with ultimate functional ease using these products. However simple may the use seem but the benefits are immense.

  • Access Control Solutions

    You can simply sleep without any worry of invasion if these advanced access-controlled systems are working for you. These automated solutions can eradicate the margins of errors that may occur if a human is at work for these tasks. Bio-Metric controlled solutions can be a savior when you want limited access & ultimate security in your space.

  • Boom Barriers

    Speaking of industrial automation, boom barriers are a boon. People can have great control over the safety of their premises using these simple yet effective mechanisms.

  • Robo Cleaners

    Having your robot finish that dreadful cleaning work seemed like a far-fetched idea. But not anymore. A wide range of products is available in the market to finish the cumbersome task of cleaning on your behalf. One can not think of a better use of automation technology than this one.

We are sure you must be tempted to get your space these automation gears as soon as possible. Well, it is not a bad idea to equip your home or office using these gadgets & experience a life of luxury & ease. We @Livfuture offer state-of-the-art technology to cater to your all automation requirements. We also offer great customization in our products to fit exactly your requirements.

Automation Industry

How Beneficial Automation Can Be?

Before 50 years mankind didn’t even think about what, technology can do for them. Now here we are and thinking every day about what new has come in the arena of technology. Advancement of technology has been in leaps & bounds in current times. We are sure any rational person will question that we need so much technology & automation around us. Well, the answer lies in the plethora of benefits associated with it.Let us see some of the most apparent & useful advantages of having automation technology around us.

  • Reduced Operating Expenses: It is obvious that having automation embraced in your working environment can help in lowering your operating costs. A simple thing like the installation of a safety boom barrier with a sensor or automated doors can help you to remove an overhead expense. Also, these gadgets do not need rotation or time off. So, if you compare the salary for a person taking care of your office door with an automated door installed there, there is no confusion left.
  • Enhanced Safety: We all can agree upon one thing automation can efficiently eliminate the scope of errors done by humans. An access-controlled door with bio-metric measures can serve the complete purpose of workplace or residential safety. You can safely keep up with your routine without worrying about any invasion.
  • Better Environment Effect: Imagine a person is responsible for opening & closing the door of your office. It is safe to assume that there will be times when the door will remain open for a longer time than it requires. Just imagine the effect on the air conditioning in your space. Now in another scenario, let us say you have an automated door working for you. Well, with the use of a single sensor you can ensure that the door opens just for the time it’s needed to remain like that. This may seem trivial now but in a longer span, this will surely be a very beneficial deal for your business expense & environment for sure.
Automation Industry
  • Fewer margins for Errors: Any private space be it a workspace or someone’s home, will have several private elements. There will be things & places which will need extra safety & security. How can you manage all that? Imagine your maid gave entry to the wrong person in your home because she got confused. Now on the other hand if you have an access-controlled system placed in your place which is enabled with bio-metric measures & has a camera attached to the front door. Things can be much safer & simpler.

Now that we are aware of what & how automation can help us in our daily lives, there is no reason to hold back. Invest wisely in the products and embrace automation in your surroundings. We @Livfuture offer great products with unmatched customization to satisfy your automation needs. Just fill up a simple form on our site or reach out to us on the numbers mentioned & our customer support team will do the rest.

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