Maintenance Required For Automatic Gate

Maintenance Required For Automatic gate

You may have seen Automatic Gates Everywhere now. These Automatic Doors are a necessity now. They can control Humans and vehicles without the need for human participation. Today you can see Automated Gates being installed Almost Everywhere.

Automated Doors are in function 24/7 and in order for them to work efficiently. they are required to work for a long period of time. Functioning 24*7 Requires regular maintenance.  In this article, we will learn more about the Maintenance Required for Automatic gates.


Cleaning Gates at Regular Intervals is the most essential Component of Maintaining Automatic gates. you can use a mild detergent and water to clean the gates. This cleaning helps in the smooth functioning of  Automatic gates.


Lubrication is another major step in maintaining an Automatic gate. it helps in preventing friction Lubrication prevents friction, reduces wear and tear, and ensures smooth operation. Use a silicone-based lubricant for metal parts.

Safety Features

Automatic Doors are usually equipped with Sensors and Auto Reverse Mechanisms. Regularly test these features to ensure they are functioning correctly. If there are any issues, contact a professional technician to fix them immediately.


A Gate that is not balanced can put a strain on the motor. A gate that is not balanced will put a strain on the motor. Check the gate for any imbalance. If it’s difficult to open or close, it might be imbalanced and needs adjustment.

Inspect the Electrical Components

The condition of Electrical Components is very important in maintaining the automatic gate. Check every wiring, to look for breakage control panels, and other electrical components regularly. Look for signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. If you notice any issues, hire a qualified electrician to repair them immediately.

Battery Replacement

Battery is one of the most important components of Automatic gates. Regular check-ins with the battery are required to ensure the Smooth Functioning of the Battery. The battery should be replaced at regular intervals.

Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping is essential for preventing leakages in Automatic gates. Leakages are often prevented using weather stripping. If weather Stripping is damaged, change it as soon as possible.

Professional Inspection

Professional Inspection is very important. Schedule regular inspections by a professional gate technician. They can identify potential issues early and perform necessary repairs or adjustments. Professional Inspection might be important for looking into matters that might be invisible to an amateur’s eye.

Secure Access Codes

Maintain the authority codes efficiently and change them at regular intervals. this ensures only authorized access. Automatic gates help in increasing the security of an area. Automatic gates add to the aesthetic value of the property.

Seasonal Checks

Check on the gates during seasonal change. Harsh weather conditions can affect the automatic gates adversely. Gates might require attention during weather conditions. Regular check-ins are only the way to prevent damage during harsh seasons.

Above are some ways by which you can ensure proper maintenance of an automatic gate. Regular maintenance is a must for automatic gates.  We at LivFuture Automation  PVT. LTD. tries to provide the best services for the maintenance of Automatic Gates.

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