Metal Door Detector Supplier

Metal Door Detector Manufacturer

We are the reputed wide range of Metal Door Detectors manufacturer, Metal Door Detectors supplier in Pune, India. Metal Door Detectors available in various technical specifications, these are simple and easy in operation and possess high detecting speed. Our range can detect all ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects. These are highly durable, efficient and easy to operate with one-touch button & three-color LED lights.


  1. 6 Zone Detection
  2. Sound and LED instructions for metal detection
  3. M​any can be integrated into an access control system
  4. Pass Counter – counts every single person passing by
  5. Alarm counter – detects and counts the number of alarm bells
  6. Password protection
  7. 0-99 adjustable sensitivity
  8. Easy assembly
  9. Study design and aesthetic look