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for Residential & moderate Commercial use

A boom barrier consists of a long arm that lowers automatically to block the path of oncoming vehicles. We are one of the best leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Gates Boom Barrier in the market. These products are manufactured from best quality components and they are widely used in various residential, industrial, commercial as well as household sectors. The offered products are tested in terms of quality before final delivery to dispatch only defect less range from our side.

As one part of parking management system, barrier gates stops unauthorized parkers entering your premises, or giving access to authorized parkers. Straight / Crank / Fence arm for your options.


1. Manual release for energy failure.

2. Installation is changeable (left to right)

3. When the speed of the boom changes, the spring of you will not change.

4. Well integrated with car parking system equipment.

5. Limit Switch with ensured safety.

6. Radio frequency based remote control.

7. Motor cooling fan, heat-protection problem (BE1008).

8. Boom with protective rubber band (optional)

9. Boom with LED lights (optional)

10. Support external and internal vehicle loop detectors. (Optional)

11. Reversing on the obstacle. (BE1008)

Boom Barrier Model: BN1006

It is suitable for the parking area of airport, shopping mall, warehouse, hotel, factory and condominium. Pay tickets can be customized for use in combination with parking or control access control systems.

Access: Entrance station, entry barrier

Exit: Exit station, exit barrier

Optional: Medium Difference Card Reader, Long Destination Card Reader, Loop Detector etc. Support most access control systems

Benefits of Boom Barrier Gates: BN1006

  • Better control of traffic at entry and exit points
  • Convenience
  • Enhanced security
  • Unauthorized access is eliminated
  • Responsive
  • Weather proof
  • 24 hours of security
  • No human efforts are required for operation
Application of boom barrier Gates:
  • Shopping malls
  • Residential buildings as well as domestic places
  • Public buildings like colleges, hotels, parks and hospitals
  • Parking areas for staff in private and public buildings

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