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Automatic Sliding Door Manufacturer

for Residential & moderate Commercial use

Automatic Sliding doors have their own high-performance features, which are improved with customization. One of the most popular sliding doors is the glass sliding door. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, glass sliding doors are fully automatic and frequently used for opening and closing. The operation time of this door can be easily set or reset. Maintenance of this door is also not a big deal. Glass sliding doors with the very easy and efficient operation are really a great customized solution in the entrance door automation system. 

Mainly popular among commercial buildings/shopping complexes, offices, corporate houses, and interior doors between two doors in any industry, these doors are also available as manually operated doors. Smart drives and controls are fully compatible to guarantee easy assembly and programming.

An automatic sliding door is a type of door which opens automatically when someone approaches it and then closes automatically after the person has passed through. Automatic sliding doors are mainly used in commercial buildings, such as shopping malls, office buildings, and hospitals. They are also sometimes used in private homes. Automatic sliding doors can be opened and closed with a remote control, or with a button or sensor.

Automatic sliding doors are very convenient, as they allow people to pass through without having to stop and open the door manually. They are also very safe, as they prevent people from accidentally walking into a door that is closing. Automatic sliding doors are available in a variety of styles and colors to match thecor of any building.


  1. High usage frequency.

  2. Our doors open and close at a speed of 100-250 mm / sec.(adjustable)

  3. Heavy duty top mount track with timing belt

  4. There is no barrier at the bottom

  1. There are different types of standard and financial panels available depending on the structural requirements of your building.

  2. Doors can be constructed as partially pre-coated paneled / aluminum sheets and partly as glazing sheets.

  3. Automatic glass sliding doors can be built with vertical EPDM rubber seals

  4. These doors facilitate interlocking between two doors.

  5. Automatic sliding doors can be included with additional safety equipment.

  6. Actuators like radar detectors, push buttons, loop detectors or remote controls can be added to the control system.

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